Globalised Esports events

In a press release happening at the time of writing this, Blizzard have announced a massive partnership between the major players in the esports world in order to bring a globalised and unified system and rankings for players across the globe. This will apply to the WCS and means that tournaments ran by organisations such as GOMTV, MLG, KESPA and Blizzard will provide a universal base for players to compete.

Players will compete as normal with a simple twist. much in the way the sports like tennis will run they will gain points and will be ranked depending on tournament wins. These wins and points will be used to determine who places in the WCS when it comes about.

As I say this event is happening literally right now at the time of writing ( I'm flicking between this post and twitter for updates) and I will try to bring you a more concise update of the event soon.

Also of note GOMTV has announced that the Korean WCs will start tomorrow with the beginning of GSL Code S.. All exciting stuff.